Eldership and Advocacy in Palliative Care

Exploring Personal Barriers
to Social Action and Spiritual Healing
in Palliative Care Situations
Presented by Tom Richards
International Association of Process Oriented Psychology
IAPOP 2010 Conference
Description of Transcript

This Process Work research paper inspires eldership and practical advocacy in senior care situations and institutions; chronicling facilitation experiences, dilemmas, ghost roles, breakthroughs, and practical recommendations. Personal barriers may include:
●working with a senior on a symptom, relationship issue, or deep inner state of consciousness …

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Beginning with the industrial revolution and now well into the feminist movement both men and women have been taken out of the home resulting in lost teachings and lost mentoring for all ages. We at Sentient Care have been privileged to be called upon to offer mentoring for adolescents to seniors. It is a sacred responsibility and the rewards extend from the individual to family, community and the environment for …

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Eldership: A Celebration

Tom Richards demonstrates the use of sentient caring skills to encourage eldership in seniors. He shows how to inspire stories, blessings, sacred space, dreams, beauty, and spiritual experiences ~ the treasures of eldership ~ from our seniors, many of whom are “stuck” in states of confusion, memory loss, high drama, delusion, delirium, dementia, Alzheimer’s, end of life processes, and even coma. They too often lack the awareness and communication skills …

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Words of appreciation

“He visitado su sitio y lo encuentro excelente. Soy medico especialista en Gerontologia y Geriatria. En estos momentos estoy tratando de verticalizarme en le tema de los trastornos cognitivos, en especifico las dementias. Su sitio web me es de gran utilidad.
Sin mas, agradecida.”
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“Thanks, Tom,  for your precious work and love and sensitivity working with people at the ends of life in situations where normally they are …

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Tom Richards

Tom Richards evolved from a corporate executive with thirty-two years of experience in the health care industry, to a mentor, researcher, author, and consultant working with individual health issues, patient advocacy, and people in deep inner states of consciousness. Tom also serves as a Prayer Chaplain, and Prayer Chaplain trainer, for Unity on the North Shore in Evanston, Illinois.
Tom is author of The Healing Power of Awareness: How to Recover …

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