Rehabilitation after massive stroke and surgery

A fifty-nine year old scientist collapses at a professional conference, and is flown out by medivac helicopter for emergency brain surgery to relieve a massive stroke.
One year later his residual symptoms include shortterm memory loss, left visual field deficit, and word confusion.
After months of occupational and speech rehabilitation therapy with little progress, his residual symptoms persist, and he is declared unfit to ever fill his former position, or …

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Recovery from stroke and metabolic coma

Gladys Steele, the ninety-two year old matriarch of the family suffers a stroke with accompanying high fever, and lapses into a metabolic coma.
After Sentient Care including Coma Work, she is awake and responding, though still experiencing speech impairment.
She fully recovers her speech with four more sessions.
During this work the family is overjoyed to discover wisdom and eldership, not “sickness”, emanating from her fragile condition.
A detailed description of this work is …

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