From our readers of “An Alzheimer’s Surprise Party”

“I bought one copy of your book and am so impressed that I am now buying ten copies so that I may have copies available to family members of persons with dementia, and am also going to give copies to the geriatric psych unit, of which I am the medical director, and to the two long term care facilities, of which I am the medical director. Thank you for writing such …

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Training Resource ~ An Alzheimer’s Surprise Party

“Speaking as a professional psychologist, teacher, and trainer, I highly recommend An Alzheimer’s Surprise Party as an exceptional training tool not only for professionals, but also for family members, friends and caregivers.
It is exceptional because Tom and Stan have made it interactive. They do not simply present abstract psychological concepts, but develop detailed reality based personal experiences enhanced with clear concise observations, structure, and …

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Words of appreciation

“He visitado su sitio y lo encuentro excelente. Soy medico especialista en Gerontologia y Geriatria. En estos momentos estoy tratando de verticalizarme en le tema de los trastornos cognitivos, en especifico las dementias. Su sitio web me es de gran utilidad.
Sin mas, agradecida.”
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“Thanks, Tom,  for your precious work and love and sensitivity working with people at the ends of life in situations where normally they are …

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Coma Work ~ One family’s experience with structural coma

A 35 year old man suffers a heart attack causing oxygen deprivation to the brain resulting in diffuse brain damage leaving him in a structural coma and persistent “vegetative state.”
The family is told there is “nobody home” and no hope of any degree of recovery. They are advised to “warehouse” him with a maintenance care order only.
Finding this medical advice to be unacceptable, the family retains Sentient Care for a …

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Early Stage Alzheimer’s


This “picture of Alzheimer’s” was drawn by a 76 year old woman in her third year of early stage Alzheimer’s, who was still capable of living in an independent living facility.
Her “self” portrait depicts her personal experience of Alzheimer’s as “outside float” and “floating around” like “Casper, the friendly ghost.”
Six months after Sentient Care work with her and her family, which included this sketching exercise, her daughter …

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What’s New . . . !!

COMPASSIONATE COMMUNICATION with Individuals in Normal, Remote, and Altered States of Consciousness ~ Workshop with Tom Richards ~ Albuquerque, NM ~ For information & registration. . .
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AWARENESS, POWER, AND PROCESS ORIENTED ACTIVISM ~ Internationally available monthly telephone conference training & supervision class with Stan Tomandl and Ann Jacob ~ For information & registration call 503-223-8188
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