Eldership and Advocacy in Palliative Care




Exploring Personal Barriers

to Social Action and Spiritual Healing

in Palliative Care Situations

Presented by Tom Richards

International Association of Process Oriented Psychology

IAPOP 2010 Conference

Description of Transcript

This Process Work research paper inspires eldership and practical advocacy in senior care situations and institutions; chronicling facilitation experiences, dilemmas, ghost roles, breakthroughs, and practical recommendations. Personal barriers may include:

●working with a senior on a symptom, relationship issue, or deep inner state of consciousness in semi-public settings;

●facilitating visits with loved ones in doctor’s offices, emergency rooms, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, intensive care units, family homes, and hospice facilities;

● mentoring and facilitating doctors, nurses, therapists and caregivers along with their diagnoses, treatments, medications, care giving procedures, institutional policies, and the Medicare/Medicaid bureaucracy;

●fear of being around aging and death, and the related planning;

●the end-of-life processes including intimacy, grief, thankfulness, forgiveness, love, and spiritual healing.

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