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tom-richards-image_website-425x3133Tom Richards evolved from a corporate executive with thirty-two years of experience in the health care industry, to a mentor, researcher, author, and consultant working with individual health issues, patient advocacy, and people in deep inner states of consciousness. Tom also serves as a Prayer Chaplain, and Prayer Chaplain trainer, for Unity on the North Shore in Evanston, Illinois.

Tom is author of The Healing Power of Awareness: How to Recover Faster and Less Painfully Using Sentient Awareness; Eldership:A Celebration, and co-author of An Alzheimer’s Surprise Party and An Alzheimer’s Surprise Party Prequel: Unveiling the Mystery, Inner Experience, and Gifts of Dementia; four timely and essential Process Work training tools that could transform the way people interpret and respond to health issues and people in deep inner states of consciousness.

He earned an electrical engineering degree from Cornell University, an MBA from the University of Chicago, and a Process Work Certificate from the Process Work Institute Graduate School.

Tom has studied, researched, and applied Process Work over the past twenty-five years. He works with individuals experiencing body symptoms, injuries, illness, surgery; and memory loss ranging from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer’s and other dementias, end of life processes, and coma. Tom uses his awareness abilities to follow people’s processes at their deepest sentient levels, promoting healing; and encouraging eldership, growth, and beauty to blossom at seemingly impossible times.

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