Sentient Care™

Sentient Care™ is the name of our organization, and our name for the style of sentient awareness facilitation that we practice; learned from its innovators Drs. Amy and Arnold Mindell, founders of Process Oriented Psychology (Process Work).

By sentient we mean being subtly, sensitively, and finely attuned to perceiving minute flickerings of body feelings, movements, sounds, and images that catch our attention.

Sentient awareness explores the messages, the dreaming, and the meaning contained in sentient perceptions and sentient communications. Sentient Care™ applies sentient awareness to life processes.

If deep sentient awareness could be bottled, it would be hailed as a “miracle drug” for the mind, body, and spirit. The more a person can be aware of their deep underlying life process, the more inner resources and outer interventions they can draw upon for their health and well being. Sentient Care™ does not replace medical care. Sentient Care ™ is an act of reverence that compliments and enhances the whole person; mind, body, emotions, environment, and spirit.

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Sentient Care applied to Body Symptoms, Illness, Injury, Stroke, and Memory Loss

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Sentient Care applied to Early Alzheimer’s

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