The Healing Power of Awareness ~ NEW RELEASE

New Release in Print and eBook

How to Recover Faster and Less Painfully Using Sentient Awareness

This new book demonstrates the healing power of sentient awareness when applied in concert with surgical procedures and rehabilitation. The benefits to patients often include faster recovery, diminished pain, and reduced chance of relapse or recurrence.

Tom’s new book has an “Ah Ha!” quality to it that can inspire people to just step into the unexplor- ed a bit further and deeper. He demonstrates significantly enhanced healing and pain reduc- tion for patients who explore sensory-grounded signals and follow nature using sentient awareness.  

This approach, which suggests a new healthcare paradigm, can benefit professionals, caregivers, and family members who yearn for ways to access the sacred, but are not given enough time with their patients and loved ones, nor training, to even have a conversation about someone’s life, let alone enter into the dreaming of a person’s symptoms. 

This book will be inspiring for people interested in body healing, including anyone yearning for more of themselves and the ones they are working with, to be recognized and interacted with. Here is a teaching tool as well as an inspiring story for all who read it. 

Ann Jacob                                                                                                                                                     Founder, Coma Communication                                                                                                                     Mentor, Sacred Art of Living Center

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